Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sewing pattern: Crochet hook roll

This cute crochet hook roll is quick to sew.  Decorate it with embroidery of fabric paint for a more sophisticated look.

A: cut 1 in main fabric and 1 in contrast fabric. You can cut it longer if you have lots of hooks to store (make sure piece B is the same length).

B: cut 1 in main fabric
C: cut 1 in main fabric
D: ribbon or yarn, cut 1

1. If you want to embellish your roll with embroidery or fabric paint, do it before you start sewing (on right side of piece A, main fabric).
2. Fold, press and topstitch pieces B and C as shown.

3. Fold and press pocket as shown. Sew pocket on piece B, right side up. Topstitch vertically to create divisions.

4. Place piece B over piece A (both must be right side up). Pin. Topstitch as shown to create divisions.

5. Assemble the roll, right sides together. If you embroidered or painted the fabric, make sure your art isn’t upside down (I made that mistake twice!) Sew as shown, leaving 10cm open for turning. When you’re done, trim the corners a little to make turning easier.

6. Turn the roll inside out and press. Topstitch all around. Attach the ribbon.
If you find your crochet hooks have a tendency to slide out, you can either roll it tighter or fold the top part over the hooks before rolling.


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